Children’s Menu New Menu and Prices


    • Children's Meals

    • Homemade Soup


      A small bowl with granary or white bread

    • Sandwiches

      Served with garnish of crisps

    • £4.25

      A full sandwich

    • £2.95

      Half a sandwich

      Choose from: Ham, Tuna mayonnaise, Cheese, Tomato orjam or ask if there is a filling not here.

    • Cheese on Toast


      Cut into triangles

    • Baked Beans on Toast

    • Chicken Nuggets


      With chips and peas or beans

    • Fish Goujons


      With chips and peas or beans

    • Homemade Lasagne


      Our classig lasagne in a child's half portion served with salad garnish

    • Egg or Sausage and Chips

    • Boiled Egg with Toast Soldiers

    • Children's Dessert

    • Vanilla Ice Cream


      With chocolate or raspberry sauce and a fan wafer