Hot Drinks

    • Coffee

    • Cup of houseblend coffee


      (milk served seperately)

    • Large Cup


    • Cafétiere of coffee for one


      Choose from:
      Mellow ~ A subtle blend of Colombian, Costa Rican and Kenyan coffee beans
      Rich ~ A sophisticated blend of Brazilian, Sumatran and Kenyan coffee beans
      Decaff ~ A smooth blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans

      (Cream 30p extra)

    • Speciality Coffees

    • Cappuccino


      Capped with a head of foamed milk, dusted with chocolate or cinnamon

    • Large Cappuccino


      More to enjoy!

    • Espresso


      Single, very strong coffee

    • Americano


      A single shot of espresso topped with hot water

    • Flat White


      Two short shots of spresso topped with textured milk

    • Café Latté


      A shot of espresso topped with steamed milk

    • Chai Latté


      A warming blend of blossom honey, tea extracts and spices with steamed milk

    • Latté crema


      As above but finished off with whipped cream

    • Vanilla Latté


      Flavoured with a shot of vanilla syrup

    • Café Mocha


      Chocolate syrup, a single shot of espresso and steamed milk to finish

    • Hazelnut Mocha


      As above with the addition of a shot of hazelnut syrup

    • Mint Mocha


      As above with the addition of a shot of mint syrup

    • Coffee Extras

    • Shot of Flavouring Syrup


      Choose from: Hazelnut ~ Vanilla ~ Caramel ~ Mint ~ Orange ~ Gingerbread

    • Whipped Cream Topping

    • Mini Marshmellows

    • Shot of Espresso

    • Teas

    • Bramley's Blend


      Pot for one

    • SUKI Tea


      Award winning big leaf teas
      Choose from: Belfast Brew ~ Green Tea Luponde ~ Whole Peppermint ~ Spiced Citrus

    • Herbal and Fruit Infusions

    • Hot Chocolates

    • Hot Chocolate Abyss

    • White Chocolate Abyss