Lunch Menu

After years of experience we have managed to perfect our lunch menu. We have a huge range from light snacks to full meals.

    • Jacket Potatoes, Baguettes and Sandwiches

      All served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw (White or granary bread)

    • Filled With:


      Mature Cheddar, Lancashire or Brie
      Baked ham and fruit chutney
      Chicken breast with tarragon in a low fat fromage frais
      Coronation chicken with sultanas
      Roast beef and horseradish sauce
      Tuna with mayonnaise or yoghurt and cucumber

    • £8.15

      Smoked Salmon
      Bacon and brie
      Prawns with marie-rose sauce

    • Vegetarian Fillings


      Cream cheese, celery and walnut
      Cottage cheese and pineapple
      Tomato, basil and mozzarella with pesto dressing

    • Toasted Sandwiches

      Served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw

    • £6.95

      Cheese and Ham
      Cheese and Onion
      Cheese and Tomato

    • £7.45

      Smoked salmon and brie
      Prawn and cheese
      Roast beef and stilton
      Chicken, bacon, cheese and tomato
      Breakfast special (Bacon, egg, sausage, tomato and cheese)

    • Double Deckers

      Served on toasted white or granary bread

    • B.L.T.


      Bacon, Lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise or low fat fromage frais

    • Chicken Club


      Chicken breast with mayonnaise or low fat fromage frais, lettuce and tomato

    • Bramley's Double Decker


      Chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise

    • Salad Platters

    • Ploughman's


      Lancashire or cheddar cheese with pickle and chutney

    • Farmer's


      Baked ham and fruit chutney

    • Fisherman's


      Smoked salmon and prawns, served with salad and lemon mayonnaise

    • Lifestyle platter


      A healthy salad of fruit, nuts and cottage cheese

    • French platter


      A combination of brie and our homemade paté with relish

      The above are served with a brown or white baguette
    • Greek Salad


      Feta Cheese, olives and salad in a light vinaigrette, served with garlic bread

    • Tuna & bean salad


      Tuna fish with Italian beans, hard boiled egg and salad, served with garlic bread

    • Caesar salad


      Tender chicken breast served on a bed of Kos leaves with crispy bacon and homemade croutons, finished with caesar dressing

    • Open Sandwiches

      Served on granary bread with salad garnish & homemade coleslaw

    • Smoked Scottish Salmon

    • Prawns with lemon mayonnaise, served seperately

    • Starters & Light Meals

    • Greek Houmous


      A Greek vegetarian paté made from chick peas, garlic, lemon and sesame paste served with pitta bread and olives

    • Chef's Homemade Paté


      Served with Cumberland sauce and warm granary toast

    • A bowl of homemade soup


      With a brown or white baguette

    • Traditional Welsh Rarebit


      Made with real ale served with mango chutney on granary bread

    • £7.95

      With baked ham

    • Breaded Mushrooms


      Button Mushrooms deep fried in breadcrumbs and served with a homemade garlic mayonnaise

    • Homemade Thai Fish cakes


      Served with a sweet chilli sauce

    • Brie Wedges


      3 Brie wedges coated in bread crumbs, fried until soft in the middle and served with a Cumberland sauce

    • Potato skins


      Filled with either cheese and bacon, cheese and mushroom or cheese and pineapple

    • Hot Dish Specials

    • Homemade quiche of the day


      Served hot or cold with salad

    • £8.95

      with jacket potato

    • Bramley's lunch


      A bowl of our homemade soup with a filled baguette of your choice (prawn, smoked salmon and brie 40p extra)

    • Homemade spicy chilli con carne


      A bowl of our homemade minced beef chilli, served with rice

    • Lasagne verdi


      Homemade beef lasagne served with a salad and garlic bread

    • Combi Platter for one


      A mixture of potato skins, breaded mushrooms, brie wedges and oion rings served with garlic bread

    • Steak Baguette


      A 4oz rump steak, pan fried and served on a white or granary baguette with hand cut chips
      (With the addition of onion, mushrooms or Stilton cheese for £1.00)

    • Side Orders

    • Homemade coleslaw

    • Spicy battered onion rings

    • Garlic bread (3 pieces)

    • Bowl of Salad

    • Fried herb potatoes - portion for one

    • Fried herb potatoes - to share

    • Bowl of mediterranean olives with feta cheese